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Our team has been responsible for some of the most significant transactions in the sector for the last 40 years.  

Whether it’s the discovery of multi-billion oil resources, the development of some of the largest fields in history to the largest mergers and IPOs; we have done it all.

We don’t advise clients, we partner with them.  We work collaboratively to identify strategic priorities and then determine how best to realize them.

We bring our experience, technical and operational expertise, access to talent and capital, and execution capabilities.

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Cosimo Damiano

Managing Director
Oil & Gas Investment Banking

Experience involves the strategic analysis and financial modeling of oil & gas companies for global investment banks and energy commodity trading companies in a principal investment role. 

Strong commercial understanding and analytical analysis of financing oil and gas assets across various geographic and fiscal regimes. 


Extensive experience in North America, representing the Mercuria Group as a Director of Upstream Investments and represented Mercuria’s Board interests in the company’s oil and gas investments throughout North America located in California and North Dakota.

Former Managing Director of Xstate Resources Limited (ASX: XST) from May 2016 until November 2019.

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Mike Mason

Managing Director, 
Oil & Gas Operations

A third generation industry veteran with over 45 years of international experience.  He has held many leadership and management positions in the energy sector, including as BP’s Global Vice President for Petroleum Engineering (2009-2012).

Served as Apache's Egyptian Regional Operations Manager (2013-2015) - the largest oil producer in the country at that time.

As BP’s Deputy Director Varyogan Neftegas in Western Siberia (2002-2003), prepared Sidanco for the TNK-BP merger.  In Colombia (1991-2000) Mike was BP's Well Engineering Operations Manager, Cusiana Field Manager, Field Superintendent, Senior Well Testing and Completions Engineer.

A licensed petroleum engineer in Oklahoma & Alaska.

Selected Clients

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